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bow and arrows Archery is a centuries-old sport, first used for hunting and gathering, then later adapted for use in war.  English longbowmen were notorious for their skill and for the astounding distances from which they were able to hit their enemies.  Mongol horse bowmen were unparalleled in their skill at shooting moving targets while themselves moving at a gallop.  Centuries of history have been linked to archery, and even today, it remains one of the world's most respected sports and skills.

Competitive archery has been a part of the Olympic Summer Games since the Games' reintroduction to modern times, and archers from around the world gather quadrennially to determine who deserves the gold.  Those who compete in events face several different challenges, including tests of range, speed and overall accuracy.  Every little bit of assistance you receive from your equipment helps, so finding the perfect gear for your style is important.

Bow hunting has also grown in popularity in recent years, as bows have become lighter and capable of much greater range and accuracy.  Composite materials have increased the overall strength of the bows while also reducing the amount of force needed to draw the string.  Arrows have also incorporated the latest technology to make them lighter, fly farther, and increase their positive aerodynamics.

When you're just starting out in the field of archery, the basic equipment you'll need is a bow, a quiver of arrows, and an arm guard.  The arm guard protects against the snap of the bow, which can be very painful if it strikes unprotected skin.  Selective equipment includes items like an arrow catch or secondary nock points.  The full gamut of archery equipment is readily available for even the casual archer.

Shop For Archery Equipment

  • BowSports Archery
    Convenient and comprehensive archery pro shop and mail order company offers online shopping for archery equipment.
  • Lancaster Archery
    Offers archery supplies and equipment for bow hunting and target shooting.  Features compound and recurve bows, arrows, and related accessories.
  • Eders
    This supplier of bowhunting equipment features an extensive selection of archery and bowhunting products, including custom cut and fletch arrows.

Archery Equipment Manufacturers

  • PSE Archery
    Precision Shooting Equipment offers compound bows and recurve bows, arrows, crossbows, bowhunting videos and accessories.
  • Martin Archery
    Washington state manufacturer of a complete line of archery equipment including compound and traditional bows and accessories.
  • Easton Archery
    Utah-based firm offers a wide range of bowhunting, target, and youth archery products, components, and accessories.
  • Alpine Archery
    Idaho firm features innovative compound bows and bow hunting archery equipment.
  • USA Archery Equipment Manufacturer Directory
    Directory of archery equipment and supplies manufacturers in the United States of America. Each directory listing includes contact information, category tags, and a website link.

Archery Equipment Resource

  • Archery Trade Association
    This industry trade group directs the industry's annual archery and bowhunting trade show.  The ATA also provides core funding and direction for ArrowSport and the Bowhunting Preservation Alliance.

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